Class::DBI and stalinesque hiding of THE TRUTH

Hildo Biersma hpp at
Tue Jun 27 03:18:29 BST 2006

On Mon, Jun 26, 2006 at 09:05:06AM +0100, Aaron Trevena wrote:
> Apart from being quick to learn, easy to administer, bundled with
> every linux distro, and with  several enterprise features that
> postgres still lacks.
> Also would you really use DB2 or Oracle for every project?

Not every project - but if you have a database like DB2 or Oraclle
available, and know how to use it, I would use it for each project
that required a relational database as opposed to a BerkeleyDB or tdb
file.  I also often use perl where I could have used use ksh+sed+awk.

The main reason I do this is that small projects tend to have the habit
of being successful and then growing unexpectedly, and you rarely get
the time to redo them from scratch.  If you are already in DB2 or
Oracle, you save yourself the migration from MySQL.  As my friend Rory
McLeod is fond of saying, "The easiest way to move an oak tree is when
it is still an acorn".

Now, I must also say I am actually a DB2 DBA in a company where getting
a new DB2 or Sybase database for your project requires you to fill in a
web form, and where you get your database within 24 hours if you need
less than 100MB to start with.  And where we have DBA staff that manages
25,000 databases already so adding an extra one is not a big deal.

I hear there's other places where getting a database is a Big Deal and
takes weeks; then I fully understand using MySQL or SQLite or whatever
to bypas the pain.


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