roughly 30 days - was Re: [ANNOUNCE] [SOCIAL] July 6th - The John Snow, Soho

Leon Brocard acme at
Tue Jun 27 15:01:15 BST 2006

One of the Daves wrote:

> Not true.  Those who follow the true path and are vilified as heretics
> follow a nice clear rule.  We meet on the first Thursday of every month.

At the last heretics meeting, I remember complaining that this was far
to confusing to remember, and so we decided to create a heretics
subgroup, based upon a meeting schedule which is highly regular. We
shall meet every full moon, a very visible sign indeed, with the time
between meetings 29 days or so. Of course, this new heretics subgroup
needs a new name and so shall be named The Lunar Heretics, which is
clearly shortened to The Lunatics.

Hic! Leon

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