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Wed Jun 28 12:48:46 BST 2006

On Jun 27, 2006, at 12:49 PM, Dirk Koopman wrote:

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>   Can anybody recommend an IDE that works on *nux that does a better
>   than vi(m) or (x)emacs?.
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Well, no, i can't recommend an IDE better than vim (GVim, actually)  
and unix.  Every time i've tried something else, i've wound up  
crawling back to vim.

VisualSlickEdit is about the closest (lots of features, very nice  
class browser, vi keybinding emulation), but it costs much money, and  
therefore i haven't used it in several years.

I liked NEdit ( for a long time, but once i got past  
the vim learning curve, it and most other CUA-style editors just  
seemed comically under-powered.

Anjuta, KDevelop, and their ilk all seem to be attempting to clone  
MS's VisualStudio, which i find annoying.  VisualStudio's best  
feature (only good feature?) is its debugger, which is (or at least  
was) not even in the same class as any gdb front-end i've ever used.   
I've not tried MonoDevelop, mainly because i don't do stuff with Mono  
and the screenshots have the VisualStudio look and feel, with just  
isn't interesting.

My desktop here at the house has a two-button mouse, and the middle- 
click emulation is b0rken for some reason; when i have to copy and  
paste to and from an editor, i wind up using GEdit.

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