TT Mode for Textmate (was: perl/XS/C IDEs)

Andy Wardley abw at
Wed Jun 28 13:06:23 BST 2006

Robin Berjon wrote:
> I'll third that.

Also being in the same kind of "looking for a decent OSX editor" boat, I 
downloaded Textmate this morning.

Very nice!

It definitely gets the "Triple-Buffy Pony++" rating from me, and that's 
not an accolade I often bandy about.

It took me little more than an hour to figure out how to write a TT mode 
for it.  In contrast I've been using Emacs for over a decade and still 
don't grok enough of its voodoo magic to dare venture within.

But Textmate is just done sooo right in terms of the way it works behind 
the scenes.  Generic pattern matching and CSS-like selectors.  Yummy!

   C-X C-c   # bye bye emacs!

Only downsides are that it's Mac only and closed source.  Neverthless it 
is a shiny kernel of sweetcorn in the otherwise shitty sewer of software.

TT extension bundle is here for anyone interested:


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