TT Mode for Textmate (was: perl/XS/C IDEs) bah at
Wed Jun 28 16:30:36 BST 2006

> On Jun 28, 2006, at 14:29, bah at wrote:
>> Yes, it does sound pretty cool.  Weren't you at all bothered,
>> however, by
>> the inane XML config format?  <key /><string /><key /><string /> ad
>> nauseum?
> You don't have to go through that, you can use the other syntax for
> the same thing (not sure how it's called) which is exposed in the
> bundle editor. FWIW that syntax is Apple's standard property syntax,
> and yes it shows they didn't entirely grok the XML thing.

Ah, well, that explains it.  As you can tell, I (still) do not have a mac.



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