roughly 30 days - was Re: [ANNOUNCE] [SOCIAL] July 6th - The John Snow, Soho

andrew Black andrew-li at
Thu Jun 29 16:11:20 BST 2006

David Cantrell wrote:
>>>The interval between .pm meetings is either 28 days or 35 days, So I 
>>>assert that it  can't be roughly 30 days.

> Not true.  Those who follow the true path and are vilified as heretics
> follow a nice clear rule.  We meet on the first Thursday of every month.

ok - so it does mean my assertion is wrong. The interval between 
non-tech meets can be 21 28 or 35 days.  21 can only occur if 1 Feb is 
on a Thurs (someone will point out if this is wrong)

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