Why schemas and not code?

Peter Corlett abuse at cabal.org.uk
Fri Jun 30 17:47:29 BST 2006

On 30 Jun 2006, at 17:36, David Cantrell wrote:
> Like what iTunes does?

Yes, that's what iTunes does. I don't like it.

> That's fine if you want to quickly find a given artist or album or
> track.  It sucks if you decide "I'm in the mood for Swing today".

Ah, but my iPod is basically a large repository of Radio 4, speech  
podcasts, and audiobooks, with the very rare bit of dubious pop and  
classical lurking in dusty corners.

The iPod is completely geared to random play of music, and fails when  
you attempt to use it for anything else. The interface completely  
breaks down once you throw podcasts in the mix, as it special-cases  
those, badly.

Apple seem to be slowly losing the user-interface plot with each new  
release of iTunes and iPod firmware.

>> Artist. "Radio 4"? "Humphrey Lyttleton et al."? It's what the iPod
>> shows you, because apparently the album isn't interesting enough
>> information.
> Then your iPod is broken.  Mine shows artist, album and track.

I have a Mini. You get just two lines of text: the current track,  
which scrolls to show the whole name; and the artist name, which is  
truncated. I'd replace it but it's not broken yet, and I'm not paid  
enough to consider such things disposable.

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