[JOB] BBC Perl Developer at White City

Dominic Mitchell dom at happygiraffe.net
Fri Jul 14 00:14:23 BST 2006

Peter Corlett wrote:
> On 14 Jul 2006, at 00:05, Tony Kennick wrote:
> [...]
>> Newsnight but not the Now Show?
> At a guess, it's because the Now Show is not currently on, more's the pity.
> While we're at it, I want more Humphrey Lyttleton and less Nicholas 
> Bloody Parsons.

You will have to admit however, that the Just A Minute rules[1] are an 
ideal way to cut down meetings.

Does Radio 4 count as a development methodology?


[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Just_A_Minute#Rules

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