the "no good Perl jobs"/"no good Perl programmers" myth

Luis Motta Campos monsieur_champs at
Sun Aug 6 08:13:30 BST 2006

Nicholas Clark wrote:
> So I'm starting to think that there's a bit of a myth here. There may well
> be employers looking for good people who know Perl to do jobs. But these are
> jobs that would suit 9-5 programmers who need to pay a mortgage and feed a
> family, people with a Chinese wall in their head to divide work from
> play. And how many good Perl people do you know like that? The best Perl
> people are passionate.  And probably that's why the jobs remain as vacancies
> - because your spec is impossible to fill. If you really want good people
> then you need to make it clear that you will stretch them, rather than
> taking a dull job and trying to tart it up with this month's buzzwords.

  Mr. Clark

  I will start by begging you to forgive my pretension. I'm a humble
perl programmer / sysadmin / DBA without anything to teach to the Perl

  Reading your rant, I started wonder why a person with a skill set like
yours doesn't begin your own business. It would be easy to bring
something innovative and revolucionary to the market using your skills.

  Maybe its time to (take control of|create your own) $company, instead
of just trying to work for it.

  I was risen in a contry where people places big value on what the
french call 'entrepreneurship', the art of starting new business or
innovating the existing ones. I give a lot of value to it myself.

  Maybe its time to learn doing something different, as you suggested by
referencing the King Louie problem. Maybe its time to start your own

  I was one of the persons that made a proposal to you and was rejected
for being outside of London. :-) If you change your mind about the
'London Constraint', please let me know, and I will try make another job
offer to you as soon as I can.

  I whish you all the luck in the universe doesn't matter if you
continue trying to find a new exciting job or start trying to begin your
own business.

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