the "no good Perl jobs"/"no good Perl programmers" myth

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Mon Aug 7 15:55:57 BST 2006

>>>>> "AH" == Adrian Howard <adrianh at> writes:

  AH> On 7 Aug 2006, at 14:56, Peter Corlett wrote:
  AH> [snip]
  >> Because a lot of employers seem to believe that universities are
  >> there to
  >> provide pretrained staff. Hence they tend to migrate to Java,
  >> because that's
  >> what the universities use as a teaching language.
  AH> [snip]

  AH> Anybody else old enough to remember when the same sort of thing
  AH> happened with Pascal?

  AH> :-)

was pascal ever used in large real world shops? i barely learned it (and
hated it with a passion!) for a college thing 30 years ago. on the other
hand, c/c++ which supplanted pascal in school are used quite a bit as we
know. pascal was so crippled as to be unproductive in the real world
IMNSHO. too bad java isn't recognized to have the same flaws.


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