Inverse Binary Rock-Suck Entanglement (the "no good Perl jobs"/"text editors" myth)

dams dams at
Wed Aug 9 11:04:00 BST 2006

Le Wed, 9 Aug 2006 10:47:55 +0100,
Peter Corlett <abuse at> a écrit :

> On 9 Aug 2006, at 10:36, dams wrote:
> [...]
> > Hm that's true, but I thought that was the "good thing to do". When
> > answering to a mailing list or a newsgroup, always Cc the sender :
> > the sender might not be subscribed to the list.
> I'm not sure I would want to pander to people who use Usenet and  
> mailing lists as write-only media.

Well, some people read mailing list archives and ask questions on it,
without being subscribed. I admit there are not a lot of them, but I
took the habit.

Now, you are the first one complaining about this, which MUA do you
use? I'm a bit surprised that it doesn't merge same messages. But I 
don' care that much removing the "reply all" default on my side.

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