Inverse Binary Rock-Suck Entanglement (the "no good Perl jobs"/"text editors" myth)

dams dams at
Wed Aug 9 12:32:09 BST 2006

Le Wed, 9 Aug 2006 12:21:23 +0100,
David Cantrell <david at> a écrit :

> On Wed, Aug 09, 2006 at 12:04:00PM +0200, dams wrote:
> > Well, some people read mailing list archives and ask questions on
> > it, without being subscribed.
> Not here they don't.  I believe you need to subscribe if you want to
> post.
> > Now, you are the first one complaining about this
> No he isn't.

I meant, he is the first one complaining to me. That's why I hadn't
changed my settings yet. I was trying to explain the situation, that's

>  Others have had the same gripe in the past about other
> people, and they had the good manners to change their habits.  Please
> do the same.

I have changed my settings, as you may have seen.

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