The Newly Inaugurated "Most In Need of Positivity" Award

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> (BAD) Management play loud fast music because they do not care about
> stress levels (loud fast music does increase your heart rate and
> adrelalin etc (which is why you drive faster when you play 'car musak'
>   - and it does increase your "productivity" in KLOC - at a cost - to
> you).
> IMHO loud, fast music is a sign that you are being treat as a
> disposable, replacable asset and they want as much out of you as
> possible before you burn out.
> If you think I am joking, go find the studies japaneese companies
> (and major supermarkets) have done into the effect of colour, sound
> and smell and on us - it is very scary stuff.

I wonder about public facing jobs, such as retail. I am choosy about where I shop, regarding background "music". The worst culprits seem to be bars, record shops and clothes shops. Record shops at least have the excuse of vending their produce, but it isn't particularly appealing. Maybe I'm showing my age :-?

This thread has made me consider that perhaps, some shops have mindless background music, not for the benefit of the staff, but for the benefit of management (in the comfort of their quiet offices, or more likely off site). After the smoking bans are all in place, will our compensation culture lead to employees suing for deafness or psychological stress, I wonder?

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