Perl Vacancy

Greg McCarroll greg at
Mon Aug 14 16:43:18 BST 2006

On 14 Aug 2006, at 15:35, Delfim Machado wrote:

<snip Andrew's fairly reasonable job posting, with maybe some tongue  
in cheek
  requirements at the end>
>> * the usual hardworking, loves over-time,
> slaves...
>> initiative, takes responsibility but doesn't answer back,
> scape goat...

So what did this achieve?

Imho, for the London Perl community it reflected badly, we want  
people to be
hiring Perl programmers without people attacking their attempts, by  
all means
criticize but don't do it so rudely.

For anyone who takes the job, its not going to be great either having  
new role historically criticized so abruptly.

For Andrew, it might get him some heat from his bosses if they see it  
as he
has opened the company up for exposure by raising this on a public  
again not good.

And for you Delfim Machado, if anyone googles for you before deciding to
offer you a job in the future I wonder how they will regard you.

So what did this achieve?


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