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Greg McCarroll greg at
Mon Aug 14 22:06:41 BST 2006

On 14 Aug 2006, at 17:25, Greg McCarroll wrote:

> normally i would have shrugged my shoulders but perl jobs has been  
> a hot topic recently,
> and i'd like to see the solution to the problem that has been  
> raised on this list start
> on this list.

replying to my own post is probably a bad sign, however i was  
thinking about Peter's
reply afterwards ...

I don't think my wish for us to deal with job ads in the most helpful  
and courteous way
we can is all sweetness and roses (or whatever that expression is 
[1]). I think when you
look at the big game plan (that i'm sure someone has) being more  
helpful has effects that
would satisfy people critical of the % of junior jobs (not that I'm  
saying Andrew's job

People want to see higher and higher calibre jobs advertised on, so they can
get more and more interesting jobs. I'd suggest that by the  
principles of supply and
demand, if we encourage and help all job posters and that they find  
high quality candidates through
postings, demand for'ers will go up. And the  
talent pool is frighteningly
limited, ask any contractor who has been through several companies  
how many Perl people
they meet working with Perl in London have never had anything to do  
with[2]. So as
demand goes up I'd suggest you'd see better and better offers  
appearing on

And of course the same theory should hold for jobs.perl.

Anyway just my 2c worth,


[1] I just sent my Nan (Gran) a bouquet and I can't get the darn word  
'roses' out of my head.
[2] This may be incorrect as its both personal experience and I'm  
nearly 4 years out of

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