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Jonathan Stowe jns at
Tue Aug 15 13:22:35 BST 2006

On Tue, 2006-08-15 at 12:03, David Cantrell wrote:
> Instead of doing a pub crawl of architecturally interesting pubs, I've
> changed my mind (partly because some of the nicer places are closed on
> Sundays) and am going to do a pub crawl of Greenwich, with a break in
> the middle to visit the observatory.
> Pub recommendations please, as that's an area I don't know too well.

I'll second some of the other recommendations, also The Spanish Galleon
is quite nice and the only Shepherd and Neame pub in the area as far as
I know, The Trafalgar Tavern by the river is nice and has a good
reputation for food, you almost certainly have to go to the Union
( as it is a
Microbrewery,  and while you are in that street there is also the Prince
Albert, "The Hill" (formerly the Barley Mow) and The Richard I (known
for some reason by locals as The Tolley).

Greenwich is quite handy for me, let me know when you're doing it :-)



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