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Nicholas Clark nick at
Wed Aug 16 11:50:30 BST 2006

On Wed, Aug 16, 2006 at 11:28:53AM +0100, Jonathan Bennett wrote:
> > Is anyone doing anything like, but not just for Perl?
> > Possibly restricted to (say) just the UK?
> Would people be interested in using a service if it was run by a
> commercial organisation, rather than the community?

I think the things that bother me about the (current) commercial jobsites
are that

1: Almost all the adverts are placed by agencies. I'd really prefer not to
   have to deal with agents - I don't see what the middle man brings to
   the party. It also conceals what the company is - one has to contact the
   agent to find out more, rather than being able to filter
2: Agents repost adverts every other day to keep themselves at the top.
   I want the site to filter that out. Or in some way remove that behaviour.
3: The job adverts are often rather free-form - it's possible to search on
   keywords (eg "perl") but that brings up every job that mentions that
   skill, even if it's a "nice to have". Also, agents try to game the
   searching systems - I've seen locations described as "relocate from London?"
   which clearly hits a keyword search for London

Basically, I'd like to be able to quickly filter 200 job ads down to the 10
worth reading. Search engines such as Google let me do this for the
entire Internet, including finding "similar" pages and not showing them all
- how come this sort of technology isn't there for job adverts?

So if a commercial agency can provide a working site that does this, I'd
use it. [Preferably Web 1.0. Functionality trumps form, at least as far as
I'm concerned]

> And would people bother to use social networking-like features either to
> recruit people or sell themselves?

I have no idea.

Nicholas Clark

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