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Wed Aug 16 12:11:57 BST 2006

> On Wed, Aug 16, 2006 at 11:28:53AM +0100, Jonathan Bennett wrote:
>> > Is anyone doing anything like, but not just for Perl?
>> > Possibly restricted to (say) just the UK?
>> Would people be interested in using a service if it was run by a
>> commercial organisation, rather than the community?

Nick Clarke wrote:
> I think the things that bother me about the (current) commercial jobsites
> are that
> 1: Almost all the adverts are placed by agencies. I'd really prefer not to
>    have to deal with agents - I don't see what the middle man brings to
>    the party. It also conceals what the company is - one has to contact
> the
>    agent to find out more, rather than being able to filter

I believe that (and works in roughly the
way you want but with the following drawbacks:

1) The companies posting there usually have no idea what they want
2) They also want to pay peanuts
3) They are much more geared towards html/flash/graphics rather than 

Everytime I see perl mentioned there it is typically fixing a "Matt's
Script Archive" sort of role.


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