Simultaneous multiple module versions

Toby Corkindale tjc at
Wed Aug 16 18:10:37 BST 2006

So, we're trying to port this ancient app to run on the same servers as some
modern apps.. The ancient app uses some ancient versions of modules, which have
since been changed in non-backwards-compatible ways.

I'd like to have multiple versions of the same modules installed, and used
selectively by different mod_perl apps on the same apache daemon... Horrible,

Now, would let me select which version of a module to load, but I have
several apps loaded by mod_perl, and I *don't* want the others to be getting
this ancient version.. argh..

Options I've thought of so far:
a) Run multiple versions of the Perl interpreter within mod_perl (and almost
   double the memory footprint of apache..)
   (Or run multiple instances of apache with different @INC setup)
b) rename the old modules to Ancient::whatever and %s///g for references to
   them in the old app.
c) Give up on porting the app, and just shift disk images of the old RH7
   machines onto vmware machines running on new hardware and try to get the
   re-write priority raised.
d) Start drinking heavily.

Any thoughts or options I've missed?

thanks, as always,

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