Simultaneous multiple module versions

Nicholas Clark nick at
Thu Aug 17 16:53:05 BST 2006

On Thu, Aug 17, 2006 at 08:22:48AM -0700, Dan Sully wrote:
> * Nicholas Clark shaped the electrons to say...
> >You've measured this? Or you just read this somewhere?
> >If the former, do you have a demonstration case?
> This "fix" impacted SlimServer a lot. One of my guys ran some tests - we use
> DBIx::Class underneath.

It's not a "fix", as it fixes a real bug, and not a Class::DBI specific bug.

I'm surprised that the speed hit is that bad - this may mean that there's a
bug in the implementation. But the only change in behaviour *should* be
when blessing an object from a class without to a class with overloading
(or from something unblessed into a class with overloading), if and only
if there is more than one reference to the object.

So, bless ({}, $class) shouldn't be affected, as there will be only one
reference to that {}

No-one's reported the performance hit upstream, let alone with a demonstration
case that uses only core modules. Is anyone surprised that there's been
no response? list isn't the right place either.

Nicholas Clark

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