Simultaneous multiple module versions

Matt S Trout dbix-class at
Thu Aug 17 22:16:59 BST 2006

Nicholas Clark wrote:
> It's not a "fix", as it fixes a real bug, and not a Class::DBI specific bug.

Your version I consider a bugfix. Red Hat's dumbass backport to a version that 
can't handle it properly and where everybody expects to have to work around 
the damn bug anyway gets the quote marks.

> No-one's reported the performance hit upstream, let alone with a demonstration
> case that uses only core modules. Is anyone surprised that there's been
> no response?

Is any response required from you? This isn't in the real perl, only a 
specific mutant Red Hat one, so I figured it was their problem, not yours.

> list isn't the right place either.

hates-software or possibly the as yet nonexistent sodding-distro-perl-maints 
list might be more appropriate, but I feel there's a fair degree of overlap to 
here provided you take as read the fact that I was bitching rather than 
attempting to do anything constructive - given they've already said the patch 
stays there doesn't seem much constructive left to do.

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