Perl Geospatial Project

Andy Armstrong andy at
Sun Aug 20 19:35:58 BST 2006

I've been doing an informal survey of the various geo, gps, gis and  
mapping modules on CPAN and while there's certainly a lot of good  
stuff there, taken collectively CPAN's coverage of geospatial  
functionality somewhat resembles the state of the email related  
modules that provided the impetus for the Perl Email Project [1].

I'd like to get started with an effort to rationalise and refactor  
what's currently there, providing well written, lightweight modules  
with clean interfaces to cover a well defined set of geospatial  
functionality - i.e. very much in the spirit of PEP.

To get the ball rolling I've created a mailing list:

I'm not looking for any particular commitment at this stage - but I'd  
welcome input from anyone with an interest in this area.

[1] The Wiki homepage of which is currently home to a load of spam.

Andy Armstrong,

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