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* Andy Armstrong (andy at [060821 09:32]:
> On 21 Aug 2006, at 07:36, Mark Overmeer wrote:
> >>the wiki changed to:
> >>
> >
> >What has a geo-spatial project to do with an overview of e-mail
> >related modules?
> Did you miss the original mail? I was drawing a parallel between what  
> I'd like to do and the Perl Email Project - and happened to mention  
> that the PEP Wiki that Google knows about is spam infested.

Wasn't clear enough for the early morning, before coffee.

IMO, such a wiki is only useful when it goes beyond the capabilities
of or when the manual-pages are not clear enough. It
may be useful to combine efforts in development, but it is not really
useful to repeat CPAN's list of Geo modules, is it?  It will get
out-dated after a few months.

In case of e-mail, people need more help, because there are a few
incompatible groups of modules.  It is not easy to see from a module's
name what belongs together, and CPAN doesn't help you out.  On the
downside, the PEP wiki isn't much help in that respect either, but that
may change.

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