Hi (A boring 'about me'/'first post' message)

Kaoru kaoru at slackwise.net
Tue Aug 22 23:49:54 BST 2006


First off some people on #london.pm told me that 'about me' posts
weren't particularly frowned upon... So if this is against any rules
blame them, I looked on all the FAQs I could find and as far as I can
tell I'm ok.

My name's Alex, online I generally go by Kaoru (かをる - not the
traditional spelling. Yes I'm aware を shouldn't go in the middle of a
word, no I don't care) and I'll answer to either. Some of you (Alex
and Simon? And some other people... I'm terrible with names) may
remember me from the meet on August 3rd - I look like this:

Little bit of info about me... I'm a student at Imperial, studying
Computing, going into my 3rd year this October. Currently I'm doing a
summer internship with a company called Lokku on a website that an be
found at http://www.nestoria.co.uk/ , from which some of you might
know Edmund (http://www.ecclestoad.co.uk/) with whom I was at the
August 3rd meet up.

I use Gentoo with the Xfce4 window manager, before which I used
Slackware and Fluxbox.

I'm out of things to say. Hope to see you on IRC, if we met at the
meet poke me so I can match my vague recollection of you to an obscure
online nickname :)


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