Creeping ever closer

Randy J. Ray rjray at
Wed Aug 23 07:35:57 BST 2006

I have my work permit in hand. My next step is to apply for a residency visa 
through the embassy over here (well, in Los Angeles I mean, though luckily I 
can do the applying on-line). It is not unreasonable to think that I'll be out 
there by the second week of September, give or take. Maybe sooner, but since I 
still have to make shipping arrangements for a small slice of my personal 
belongings, and have to delivery my car to my father for him to sell off, I'm 
padding the estimate a bit.

There's a show I hope to attend on the 23rd and 24th of September, in 
Folkestone. Um, anyone able to tell me how far that is from London...?

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