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Peter Corlett abuse at
Wed Aug 23 11:17:13 BST 2006

On 23 Aug 2006, at 10:57, Adrian Howard wrote:
> The problem I've had with this one (but only very occasionally) is  
> that it gives routes that exist in reality (the trains go between  
> the various stations at the times it says) but you can't actually  
> get legal tickets for that particular combination of trains.  
> Bizarre but true.

You can get tickets for any routing, but whether it is economical to  
do so is another matter.

If you're a ticket geek, you can get a copy of the Routing Guide and  
the rules for determining what is a Permitted Route. One of the final  
tiebreaker rules is a "fare check" which means that the Permitted  
Route might change depending on what kind of ticket you hold in  
pathological cases.

The king of this kind of geeking is almost certainly Clive Feather  
who clearly has too much time on his hands. His website is absolutely  

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