New job mailing lists

Paul pawciobiel at
Wed Aug 23 19:00:35 BST 2006

Simon Wistow wrote:
> Thanks to the tireless work of Jon "The Gellyfish" Stowe we now have tow 
> brand spanking new mailing lists - Jobs and Jobs-discuss. Find them here
> Jobs is a moderated announcement list that we'll be encouraging 
> recruiters etc to send mail to. Jobs-discuss is just that - a discussion 
> list about jobs. The reply-to of jo bs is set to jobs-discuss which 
> should cause virtual apoplexy amongst some of you.
> So go ahead - sub. Have fun. Find new jobs. Discuss job postings. Frolic 
> in virgin mailing list territory.
> Simon
at last...
thx for sorting this.
I was getting worry that have to unsubscribe from

Paul B

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