Peter Corlett abuse at
Fri Aug 25 11:54:06 BST 2006

On 24 Aug 2006, at 21:59, Greg McCarroll wrote:
> We go to the anchor on tuesday the 5th.
> Behold the majesty of the plan!

It's a good plan, but misses the sheer wonder that is the Wellington,  
rather conveniently close to Snow Hill station where I guess quite a  
few people will be travelling to. It's pretty much a staple of  
ASRBrum and potentially easier to find than the Anchor.

> There is also another section to the plan, after the drinking of  
> much beer
> on this night, I'm planning to take DHA to an Indian restaurant  
> (cafe) called
> Lahore off of commercial road - of course everyone is welcome, but  
> I think
> it will go pear shaped if too many people go. So to deal with this  
> risk
> I am adopting the ostrich risk management approach.

I'm quite partial to Kushi on the Moseley Road, or Imrans on the  
Ladypool Road (I've not been to the latter since 1999 though). It  
does however require taking infamous 50 bus to get to that area  
though, where you get get stoned on the dope fumes if you have to  
ride upstairs. You're looking at well under a tenner a head for  
either place, plus a couple of quid for the bus.

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