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Luis Motta Campos monsieur_champs at
Sat Aug 26 21:24:14 BST 2006

Joel Bernstein wrote:
>> Joel Bernstein wrote:
>>> Luis,
>>> Looks like conference registration is very full. However I guess since
>>> pfig registered (well I assume he did) you could pay him the cash and
>>> take over his registration, and he can mail the organisers and tell them
>>> this. I can't see him on IRC but will see if I can call him later.
>>   I'm conting on this.
> Just spoke to him, it sounds like he didn't register, so he can't
> transfer his registration to you. I guess you need to register directly.
> Looks like online registration closed at midnight -- send an email to
> the organisers and ask what you need to do. Also mail and ask
> if anybody knows of somebody who registered but won't attend, see if you
> can take over their registration.

  This is getting bad.

  Someone at the folks coul please help a last-minute
participant? It would be bad comming to the YAPC and not being able to
enjoying your wonderful company except at the pub...

  Maybe someone at the London-pm could help me...
  Thanks in advance.
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