Is it just me?

Jacqui Caren jacqui.caren at
Sun Aug 27 18:17:54 BST 2006

Sue Spence wrote:
> He struck me as a fairly mediocre kook, but if you received an 
> interesting response please share.

I hope that folks do not get into the habit of posting private replies
to emails into what are archived (public) mailing lists without making
it obvious beforehand - such as identifying yourself as 'hack/journo'.
Making what should be considered private email responses public is
just plain shack-nasty - which is nastier that many kooks[0] beliefs.

Anyway what about the mormons - buying up huge Crays to calcculate
when people can be converted (after they are dead) - someone please
explain how this is not just a massive waste of resources[1]


[0] starts with scient and ends with ology.
[1] Ok they defined the standard for geneology data transfer..

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