Is it just me?

John Costello cos at
Mon Aug 28 00:17:20 BST 2006

On Sun, 27 Aug 2006, Jacqui Caren wrote:

Either deleted the earlier part of this thread, or I'm still not fully 
awake, or both.  But I'll "me too" about posting private replies.

Ah, it's both.  Need more coffee.

> Anyway what about the mormons - buying up huge Crays to calcculate
> when people can be converted (after they are dead) - someone please
> explain how this is not just a massive waste of resources[1]

I definitely don't remember mention of that on the thread.  The last 
mention of a Cray in my brain is that someone in California had an old 
non-functional Cray they wanted to give away. 

So, you're joking about them calculating when people can be converted,
right?  I wasn't aware of a waiting period for conversion, not that I've
looked into that part of the religion.  If you aren't joking, please send
a URL.  I searched a bit, and all I found was a picture of the delivery of
the gold tablets with Arnold Schwarzenegger's head pasted on the body of

> Jacqui
> [0] starts with scient and ends with ology.
> [1] Ok they defined the standard for geneology data transfer..

Was this the "must be a Christian" job that came through recently?

(back to the coffee cup)

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