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Thu Aug 31 18:35:37 BST 2006

Andy Armstrong wrote:

That's just terrible. I mean, Airfix isn't quite as synonymous with modelling
over here as it is there (here, it was Revell/Monogram), but they've done some
really amazing releases the past few years (in particular their recent TSR.2,
which stores literally could not keep in stock).

This hobby (which is my greatest passion aside from hacking) has some tough
obstacles to face, which they note in the article: younger children are more
interested in video games, TV and surfing the web. There's been something of a
resurgence over here (in the US) in the last 8-10 years, but it's mostly been
adults who are returning to the hobby they'd dabbled in as kids. If the current
generation of kids don't dabble in it to begin with, then 20-odd years from
now, there'll be no new blood "returning" to the hobby. On the plus side (from
my perspective), it's still very strong all across Britain and Europe, and one
of the things I have to look forward to when I move is a lot of good clubs and

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