[ANNOUNCE] [SOCIAL] Penderels Oak, Holborn - 7th of September

IvorW combobulus at xemaps.com
Tue Sep 5 08:54:57 BST 2006

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> Since August the 6th was 8 years since the first London.pm 
> meeting and 
> since mongers are incredibly bad at dates and because that 
> was held at 
> the Cittie of Yorke this month it was decided that we should 
> return to 
> our old favourite The Penderel's Oak
> 	http://london.pm.org/meetings/locations/penderel.html
> As a Wetherspoons the beer is varied and tasty,m the food cheap and 
> there's no crappy pseudo dance music playing at just the 
> right level in 
> the background in order to render conversation difficult whilst not 
> quite being loud enough to actually hear properly.

Please can we meet upstairs rather than downstairs, as downstairs has annoyances such as loud musin and television screens. If you don't believe me, go reccie. That's unless you have made some prior arrangements for a quiet downstairs, with the bar staff, of course.

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