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Andy Armstrong wrote:
> On 10 Sep 2006, at 17:52, Marvin Humphrey wrote:
>> Have a look at the RT queue:
> Blimey!

I wouldn't be too off-put by that long list. From a cursory look, several of
the bugs were feature-requests, and at least two bugs that I looked at were
non-starters; in one, Damian had annotated the bug with the solution to the
person's problem (overload new() and have it call SUPER::new()) and the person
had completely missed the point and re-stated his problem completely. In
another, the "error" was that the reporter had put "use Class::Std" *before*
"package MyPackage", and felt that the Class::Std manpage should warn people
about this potential error-case.

I've been using Class::Std for the first time, as I write code to access the API. I've found that overloading new() is probably more common than
Damian initially thought. He claims in the manpage that if you're overloading
new(), you're probably doing something wrong. My experience has been that
almost every class I've written thus far has needed to overload new(), because
I either couldn't get by with just the straight hash-reference or a sub-class
needed to add something to the arguments before having the parent class
initialize. That said, I'm enjoying working with it a great deal.

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