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Spiros Denaxas spiros at
Wed Sep 13 23:48:56 BST 2006

Similarly, I recommend UKOnline [1]. They have a pretty decent technical
support and so far I have had zero downtime. You only need a BT number and
they have 8mbit support for most of London, with 22 Mbit in some areas and
near their exchanges. As far as modems go, they will try to sell you their
own, but you can go and buy your own and skip that part all-together. They
dont have a download quota, but dont have any newsgroup support either.
Prices are around 22pounds per month. Hope this helps :-)

On 9/13/06, Kaoru <kaoru at> wrote:
> I highly recommend Demon ( for the "good tech
> support / don't try to give you a crappy modem / static IP" route,
> although I haven't used them in a while because their prices are a
> little higher than most and I'm a poor student.
> Alex

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