Non Sucking YAML parser

Robin Berjon robin.berjon at
Thu Sep 14 10:02:44 BST 2006

On Sep 13, 2006, at 20:15, Jonathan Stowe wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-09-13 at 18:24 +0200, Robin Berjon wrote:
>> Is there a pointer to that talk?
>  Er, you had to be there, I got taken by the drink when I had  
> planned to
> be writing more detailed slides ;-)
> I'll be doing a more complete paper on the subject soon so the talk  
> will
> be repeatable. The existing slides which are little more than a  
> capsule
> summary are at

Oh it's just saying that Web Services suck, not XML. That's perfectly  
fine in my book :)

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