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Thu Sep 14 12:45:15 BST 2006

Le Thu, 14 Sep 2006 07:01:47 +0100,
Andrew Beattie <andrew at> a écrit :

> First, you order a phone.  You don't want one because you use a
> mobile for everything but you've got to order a phone.
> Some weeks later, an engineer comes and fits a socket.  It has a
> phone number.
> Next, you go to your ISP, tell them your phone number and order
> ADSL. They then place an order on BT to fit the ADSL stuff on your
> line (inside the exchange)
> In the meantime, you connect your router and wait.
> Some weeks later, ADSL flick the switch (or whatever they do)
> Finaly, your ISP switches on service.  This is the first bit that
> they are in control of.  They know how frustrated you are.  They do
> it quickly.
> Heaven help you if BT need to dig up the road, lay cable, etc.

I sounds like a nightmare. But I'm not really surprised, it's the same
here in France. replace BT with FT and that's it :)

> You can go to IKEA and pick up a bed any time.  If you want to be
> geeky enough to have a net connection before a bed, then may I
> suggest that you eat some pringles and pick up someone else's WiFi in
> the mean time.

I'll do that :) thnks for the tips

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