Printing to multiple files ... without changing my code.

McGlinchy, Alistair Alistair.McGlinchy at
Fri Sep 15 19:46:13 BST 2006

Dan Rowles wrote:

> Would you be willing to replace your print statements with something
> like Log::Log4perl?

Not really in this particular case. Some of the output is returned from
a script written in a previous century which I am very reluctant to

> Much more heavyweight than just using print, but *very* flexible :)

I will look into it but my gut feel is portability will be an issue (NT4
(with Perl v5.004!), XP, AIX, and Linux)... Oh I see it's PPM-able so
there's a chance I could use it here. 

Also its always months after I've been playing with some code that I
think "ooh logging would be nice here".  Shoe-horning a logger module
into an existing script is very difficult and requires that the logger
code is available on all systems you plan to run your code. Munging warn
statements with a variable $SIG{__WARN__} is easy and portable.



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