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Matt Clark matt at
Mon Sep 18 11:23:55 BST 2006

David Cantrell wrote:
>> which will let you know what LLU providers are on your exchange.
> Great site.  Pity they don't answer their email.
Also a pity that it's getting pretty inaccurate about LLU these days, to 
the extent that I sometimes wonder if someone isn't feeding them 
deliberately bad info.  Just because Sky _say_ they've LLU-enabled an 
exchange, it doesn't mean they can actualy provide service there.  
Similarly, just because AOL doesn't say anything at all, doesn't meant 
they haven't already shifted a whole exchange to LLU.

Not that it matters too much.  These days your choices are really:
* Zen for superb reliability & service, for which they charge a fair 
price.  Nildram too, but anecdotally they are not so good as they were.
* Be for ultimate speed with no silly policies for very little money 
(and their service & support is passable, with decent enough 
reliability, if nothing to write home about)
* A.N.Other IPStream reseller for when you can't afford Zen and/or are 
out of Be's catchment areas.

ISTM that the FAQ entry could do with an update since an awful lot has 
changed in the last 12-18 months, and I'd be happy to contribute some words.

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