Perl based blog software - recommendations sought

David Cantrell david at
Mon Sep 18 19:52:24 BST 2006

On Wed, Sep 13, 2006 at 09:43:03AM +0100, Neil Ford wrote:

> Numpty question I know, but does anyone have any recommendations for
> good blog software written in perl, that isn't Moveable Type? (Tried
> MT once before, didn't get on with it).
> Something that supports offline entry creation would be cool. Allowing
> me to mirror everything on my Powerbook would be doubly so.

I know my reply is late, but Bryar will do what you want.  With a
fairly simple combination of rsync and make I can create journal entries
either on my server or on my laptop and have them synchronise
themselves, and also pull copies of comments down from the server.

It lacks a few features - there's no anti-spam measures, which you will
*need*, and no email notification when people comment, for example, but
those are trivial to add in.  Now that I have the keys to the castle,
I'll upload support for them to the CPAN shortly.

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