Linux hardware details

Kaoru kaoru at
Tue Sep 19 11:15:17 BST 2006

On 19/09/06, Thomas Busch <tbusch at> wrote:
> does anyone know of a CPAN package that would give all
> sorts of hardware details about a server (motherboard make,
> number of fans, fan speed, processor temperature).
> If not in Perl, is there at least a Linux package that
> would do that ?


Do you mean you want to run a script on any computer and get this
information back? I wrote something very simple to do this on my
laptop (to show temperature, current CPU speed, memory usage etc
through root-tail) that just parsed /proc/ files. For the fan
count/speed and temperature check out /proc/acpi/ (if you can't find
what you want make sure you have the ACPI kernel modules.)


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