6502 versus Z80

Andy Armstrong andy at hexten.net
Tue Sep 19 20:17:11 BST 2006

On 19 Sep 2006, at 19:48, Jonathan Stowe wrote:
> dunno about that but they did try doing something whereby you could
> download the programs by recording a sound from the telly or the  
> radio -
> I never got it to work myself.

I don't remember that - although I assume it was just the cassette  
interface output recorded and broadcast. I do remember Telesoft -  
which was software encoded as teletext pages; you needed a teletext  
adaptor to download them. Also there was a scheme to broadcast short  
programs one bit at a time by flashing a square on and off in the  
corner of a TV picture. The interface was an LDR hooked up to the  
analogue port. You placed the sensor over the flashing dot on the  
screen and, er, hoped.

Andy Armstrong, hexten.net

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