I want a new super-power

Nik Clayton nik at ngo.org.uk
Tue Oct 3 16:44:48 BST 2006

Philippe Bruhat (BooK) wrote:
> Does someone have an advice regarding this kind of item, either one on
> my list or another one I've not found yet? I need it to work with Windows
> (easy) and Linux (how hard can that be?).

Mobile phone + bluetooth + software.

For example, my Sony Ericsson k750i has a Bluetooth remote control 
function, and coupled with something like


can be used to control presentations and the like on Linux.

I've just noticed that the grand daddy of these apps, Salling Clicker, 
now has a Windows port.


which supports umpteen different bluetooth devices as controllers (not 
just phones) and is well worth investigating if it's half as good as the 
Mac version.


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