Daily rate or fixed price for a job ?

Martin Bower martin.bower at gmail.com
Fri Oct 6 13:43:32 BST 2006


Can anyone give me an idea of either a daily rate, or a fixed rate to do the
following ?
(it involves some onsite work (London), and testing)

Install Linux distro
Create an intranet (apache,mod_perl), which allows creation of simple
Write some screen scapers, to take information from 10-15 websites, and
squirt this into a database. (these should be easily configurable and
maintable by anyone)
Write web apps to control the above process, look at logs etc.
Create spreadsheets which execute SQL against the database, and return
results directly into Excel. (vba)

I figured around 5 days from start to finish.

Whats the general linux distro of choice which will allow someone to create
such an environment, so all the tools required to build modules will "just
work" ?

Once I get an idea of more exact requirements from the co. , I'll post a job
aanouncement .




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