Gentlemen, a call to arms!

Danny Staple danny at
Wed Oct 11 20:59:57 BST 2006

How much bias is gained by the fact that Zend is their only sponsor?

I was amazed at how shocked a java guy was when I showed him that yes,
you can multithread with Perl. He had used it as a key reason not to use
Perl for a project.


On Wed, 2006-10-11 at 20:34 +0100, Matt S Trout wrote:
> They're having a platform war. We're forever left out of the ruby vs. python 
> games, the "enterprise" people ignore us (though really, I'm not sure I mind 
> that :) but ...
> "We have been considering Perl as one of the platforms to be admitted to the 
> contest. So far, we have decided against it because we believe that too few 
> professionals use it professionally for us to hope to get enough requests for 
> admittance for the Perl platform.
> If you are a team that would like to participate and would like to use Perl, 
> please contact prechelt at (Lutz Prechelt)."
> This is a bit of a shotgun e-mail. Several list admins are probably going to 
> attempt to track me down and shoot me in the head. I don't care.
> Our community has repeatedly failed to market it's way out of a paper bag, 
> I've even helped contribute to this with my eminently forgettable London Web 
> Frameworks Night talk. But this is about producing working code. *That* we 
> know we can do.
> Stand up and be counted. It's gotta be good for a laugh if nothing else.
> *dons asbestos suit, hides under desk*

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