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Matt S Trout dbix-class at
Wed Oct 11 21:07:12 BST 2006

Peter Corlett wrote:
> On 11 Oct 2006, at 20:34, Matt S Trout wrote:
> [...]
>> "We have been considering Perl as one of the platforms to be admitted 
>> to the contest. So far, we have decided against it because we believe 
>> that too few professionals use it professionally for us to hope to get 
>> enough requests for admittance for the Perl platform.
> I'm sure that having Zend ("The php Company") as their sole sponsor, 
> indeed a "top" sponsor, has had absolutely *no* bearing on the decision 
> to exclude Perl.

I'm sure python, ruby et. al. can quite happily manage to make PHP look like 

In fact, probably so could a pile of dogshit ... no wait, they're allowing IIS 
... I need more sleep.

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