Gentlemen, a call to arms!

Paul Makepeace paulm at
Thu Oct 12 11:41:16 BST 2006

On 10/11/06, Matt S Trout <dbix-class at> wrote:
> chromatic wrote:
> > On Wednesday 11 October 2006 12:53, Peter Corlett wrote:
> >
> >> On 11 Oct 2006, at 20:34, Matt S Trout wrote:
> >> [...]
> >>
> >>> "We have been considering Perl as one of the platforms to be
> >>> admitted to the contest. So far, we have decided against it because
> >>> we believe that too few professionals use it professionally for us
> >>> to hope to get enough requests for admittance for the Perl platform.
> >> I'm sure that having Zend ("The php Company") as their sole sponsor,
> >> indeed a "top" sponsor, has had absolutely *no* bearing on the
> >> decision to exclude Perl.
> >
> > Hey, they believed it was possible to use PHP 4 "professionally".
> And we believed Test::MockObject was stable. Then
>         - T::MO::E should die when called with an unhandleable method (Paul the
>           Nomad)
> blew away the test suites for a number of critical modules without warning.
> I've wasted hours explaining to users "no, one of ours dependencies decided to
> change their behaviour on a point release, the code is fine but we need to
> update the test suite to work around the incompatibility"

If production freezing is so important to Catalyst why is the project
not specifying the particular versions of ALL its modules, internal &
external, at release time? build_requires => { 'Test::MockObject' =>
'=1.23' } or whatever the format is. That way you insulate yourselves
from regressions because you're bolting your installation down on
every external dependency.

> The Catalyst and DBIx::Class projects will both sacrifice "the right thing"
> for "not breaking working and deployed code" where required, because we care
> about people using this stuff in production.

If people are using it "in production" they'll have their own release
and change management with isolated build, test, and deployment
environments that won't be screwed by their test server not building
the latest Catalyst.

I agree it's annoying but I don't buy wielding the production hammer
as an argument here.


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