the dining mongers problem

McGlinchy, Alistair Alistair.McGlinchy at
Fri Oct 13 13:47:35 BST 2006

> 	How can you please the mongers the most?

I'm not sure that is a well defined question (ether from a facetious
point of view or at face value) so I have attempted to clarify.

The principal restriction (R)is that \each Monger M_n (n \in N) their
hunger H( M_n )will be sated with slices of pizza containing toppings
that are not in their deny list.

There are two competing optimisations here:
- minimising for the number of pizzas needed to reduce costs
- maximimsing the number of hits where Monger M_n is sated with a slice
containing one or more toppings from their "prefer" list.
If you assume that you are only considering solutions where the number
of pizzas purchased is the least number possible to meet R.   [ ie
wasted pizza/money is worse than super-contented Mongers.]

The problem breaks down to:
A> Computing the minimum number of pizzas needed to satisfy the R.
(Start at 1 pizza and work up until you get any result meeting
restriction R)

B> Computing all possible pizza permutations for the given min number of
pizzas and for each combination taking the maximum number of "prefer

<hand waving begins> 
I claim that restriction R is just a rewording of the Rook Polynomial
problem.  and hence the
problem is solved.



PS Apologies for remaining on-topic.

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