Anyone know GBARR? ben at
Sun Oct 15 15:38:16 BST 2006

Dear LazyNet,

Does anyone know Graham Barr and can forward this on to him?

I have a use case for a seriously bad interaction between recent libnets and Unicode.

The behaviour has been recently introduced and it would be really helpful if it was 
addressed or worked around. I've tried emailing him and putting a ticket in
to no avail. The behaviour is serious enough that we would consider forking libnet 
and/or writing a competitor module for at least the SMTP part of libnet if we cannot
resolve this, and I'm very keen to avoid that - I do not believe it would be in anyone's
best interest. However, having the Unicode behaviour fixed trumps concerns about forking.

We still have enough time (and we can devote cycles if it will help) to resolve this, 
but our users will not wait forever, so could someone ask him to contact me, please?



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