Gentlemen, a call to arms!

Jonathan Rockway jon at
Mon Oct 16 19:38:27 BST 2006

> Not even that - I think more about how it would resolve clashes or
> fall back to a particular sensible guess, I don't see how you can have
> a bunch of actions each specify 'I want this url, which could be a
> regex or a subref, or specified by a webservice' resolve to urls
> without some sort of magic to work out clashes, misses, etc.

I see, I see.  I use CATALYST_DEBUG=1 to show me what action gets called
when.  If that doesn't catch it, your unit tests will (with
Test::WWW::Mechanize::Catalyst or Test::WWW::Selenium::Catalyst).

package JAPH;use Catalyst qw/-Debug/;($;=JAPH)->config(name => do {
$,.=reverse qw[Jonathan tsu rehton lre rekca Rockway][$_].[split //,
";$;"]->[$_].q; ;for 1..4;$,=~s;^.;;;$,});$;->setup;

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